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The real estate industry has been evolving to make way for the new generation of home buyers and sellers.   Technology is bringing the ability to home shop right to the very laptops and cell phones we use every day.  Many of the past traditions of real estate are no longer needed.  Big offices with large overhead, individuals trying to make it on their own as opposed to working as a team, and print marketing are not what the future of real estate is.  Thinking outside of the box is what creates results.  Most real estate offices are struggling to leave these old ways behind; Real Estate Gives has embraced the information age and are committed to staying ahead of the market at all times.  These days, buyers and sellers are much more educated.  So much information can be found on the internet, and consumers are taking the time to familiarize themselves with the general processes of real estate.  This allows agents to focus upon the more critical areas of the transaction, like negotiations, legal protection, and advising their clients.

The efficiencies of technology in real estate provide our agents with many opportunities to give back to the community in which our clients live and where we do business.  For many years, real estate offices have made fortunes in communities all over the United States without ever giving back any real monetary benefits.  Real Estate Gives is an office that takes the time to focus on the needs of the community and its organizations as a whole.  We believe we can prosper in the community in which we reside, and at the same time give back and make it a better place for us, our families, and our clients.

That is why Real Estate Gives donates a large portion of our commissions from every transaction to our clients’ favorite non-profit organizations, all in their name.  Members of the community would like to donate to the causes that they support, but often don’t have the means to do so.  Real Estate Gives allow people to make a difference in the organizations and causes that are dear to them by doing something they had already intended on doing; buying or selling real estate.  Our clients sell a home and can help rebuild a park at the same time.  Our buyers purchase a home, and now they can go to the local varsity game to see the new uniforms for which they helped pay.  Our neighbors make a real estate transaction and feel blessed to know they helped put a new roof on their church.  That is what we do.  That is what you or a friend you recommend can do when you use a Realtor from Real Estate Gives.  You can help us make a difference, one sale at a time.