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Our Program

Participating in our program has many benefits with unlimited potential.  There are no costs and no obligations to the non-profit organization.  The process is very simple:

  • It begins with the non-profit organization making its supporters and members aware of our program.
  • One of those supporters/members employee us to perform our real estate duties on their behalf.
  • A sale transaction occurs and a non-profit organization is selected to receive a donation in the amount of ½% of the purchase price
  • The donation check is delivered to the non-profit with a plaque that references the donation and a photo of the supporter/member in front of the home with the plaque in hand.

A few things are certain: (1) Members and supporters of non-profit organizations buy and sell homes every day.  (2) EVERY real estate transaction closed with Real Estate Gives donates ½% of the purchase price to a non-profit organization.  Is it going to be your organization that receives that donation?  Not until the consumer is aware that they can give it to you.

Encourage your members and supporters to use our services and tap into resources that can generate thousands of dollars every year.  If you don’t someone else will.




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